FOSS, Apache Mesos and I

Hello everyone, #

This is my first blog post ever, this blog will be mostly technical but for my first post I will be introducing myself, the reason why I decided all of a sudden to end my blog strike and what happened this last few weeks.

My name is Isabel, I am from Colombia but lived most of my life in France, where I will soon obtain my MS in computer science.

I began contributing to Apache Mesos a few weeks ago, when I found out about Twitter’s sponsoring for Gnome’s OPW.


My first contribution was well received by the community and I felt the certitude that I will continue to contribute to Mesos regardless on the results of my appliance to the program.
My interest for Mesos came from multiple points:
It is an open source project, it is written in C++, it solves a problem that had been bothering large scale structures for a long time and I believe it to be the present and future for distributed systems.

mesos (1).jpg

My plot to have a life long blog strike was put to an end when I was happily accepted to participate to OPW 2014 with Apache Mesos.
I started working officially with Twitter’s Mesos team two weeks ago,
I made at first a better and stronger understanding of the code base and my main project will be to improve Mesos CLI.

The day I started I was lucky enough to see my mentor, Benjamin Hindman, at a Mesos meetup and show him my advancement on an issue I was working on before I joined OPW.
My mentor made himself available at once and was very kind as to answer to all my questions.

I was working on HTTP authentication support in Mesos third party library.
The issue was divided in three phases and I was able to send the third phase later that day. As the first and second phases evolved with more user experience, the third phase ought to be modified so it was not merged.
My mentor rapidly created issues on HTTP authentication support on Mesos so I could progress in parallel on that side.

I also volunteered to participate with the MesosCon committee.
There are weekly committee meetings and it has been very practical to have the mentor/mentee weekly meeting around the same day.
My mentor and I were able to organize so as to comunicate as often as we need to through IRC, skype and email.

I can be found almost all the time on IRC freenode #mesos by ijimenez nick,
I recently adopted IRC cloud (which works really well).
You can follow the progress of my three month participation here.
Feel free to correct any mistake you can encounter and please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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