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Multiple Mesos build configurations using Docker

I recently worked on a Mesos issue to improve build time. The idea was to use a tool that will help us remove unnecessary header inclusions.
One of the only tools available for this is Include-What-You-Use, it’s not a proclaimed 100% accurate tool but we had to give it a try since doing the same task manually can be a little repetitive.

Making a llvm clang plug-in work with Mesos was not obvious at first that’s why I had to try in an out of tree builds for Include-What-You-Use and multiple clang versions before finding the right combination.
To make this easier I begun creating a Mesos Docker image for developers that I recently pushed to their registry , there are Mesos Dockerfiles that can already be found in the registry but it was something new to learn, since I always built my Docker containers from command line with only base images and also there were any IWYU image available.


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From JIRA to [Submitted]

How to contribute to Mesos

As an open source project I think that Mesos community is key to Mesos success. It was a good experience not only to contribute to an open source project but also to one that has such an easy and welcoming process.
Mesos maintainers are very busy building new features that would fit some specific use cases but it’s crucial to make a meaningful contribution by communicating with them.

In this 2nd blog post I will describe the process from one of my Mesos contributions.
Mesos is an Apache foundation project so one of the tools that it uses to manage issues is JIRA. To begin contributing to Mesos first you could look for an issue already reported on JIRA that has not been assigned to somebody. In my case I assigned myself to MESOS-1390 and as it required another issue I automatically assigned myself to that one too. Those issues were created by my mentor and...

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FOSS, Apache Mesos and I

Hello everyone

This is my first blog post ever, this blog will be mostly technical but for my first post I will be introducing myself, the reason why I decided all of a sudden to end my blog strike and what happened this last few weeks.

My name is Isabel, I am from Colombia but lived most of my life in France, where I will soon obtain my MS in computer science.

I began contributing to Apache Mesos a few weeks ago, when I found out about Twitter’s sponsoring for Gnome’s OPW.


My first contribution was well received by the community and I felt the certitude that I will continue to contribute to Mesos regardless on the results of my appliance to the program.
My interest for Mesos came from multiple points:
It is an open source project, it is written in C++, it solves a problem that had been bothering large scale structures for a long time and I believe it to be the present and...

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